In Neurom.ART.keting we truly believe that having clear concepts is the first step to succeed.

Clear concepts to construct good ideas that construct successful projects.

Thus we devote this section to this purpose, to start the path to succeed.

En Neurom.ART.keting creemos firmemente que tener conceptos claros es el primer paso en la ruta del éxito

Conceptos claros para construir buenas ideas que construyan proyectos exitosos.

Por lo tanto, dedicamos esta sección a este propósito, para empezar la ruta para el éxito.

Lets Neuromarketing it!

Lets Neuromarketing it!



“A recent approach… suggested to merge some ideas and scientific discoveries coming from psychology, neuroscience and economy fields as an attempt to accurately specify the models of decision-making of human mind”.

“… is defined as ‘the application of neuroscientific methodologies for the analysis and the knowledge of interesting human behaviors in the economy field’ “.

Vecchiato et al. (2013, p.1)


“Neuromarketing can refer to the commercial application of neuroscience technologies and insights to drive business further.”

“Neuromarketing and consumer neuroscience is a multidisciplinary effort between economics, psychology and neuroscience”

Thomas Z. Ramsøy (2014)

Implementation of neuroscientific knowledge in contexts of Marketing and Sales to build effective communications, and buying or consumption experiences. For example, the mechanisms of mind to perceive information, process it and decide.

Also using neurotechnologies for market research purposes for communications design (from packaging to bilboards), Usability, and Product Design. For example, the EYE TRACKING and Electroencephalogram (EEG).

Edgar Sánchez, Neuromarketer & Ph.D. Neurosciences

(November 17th, 2014)

“…can be defined as the field of study that applies the methodologies of the neuroscience to analyze and understand the human behavior related to market and economic exchanges”

Vecchiato et al. (2013. p.1)


“The term neuroscience is actually too broad …. it covers everything from single-cell studies all the way up to studying humans, and in between, we’re studying rats, monkeys, and so forth. So, neuroscience in itself is too broad a term.”

“Neuroscience as the cognitive and affective sides of human brain behavior”

Thomas Z. Ramsøy (2014)


Consistency of interaction towards an individual’s external and internal stimuli

Fiske (1971)



Implementación de conocimientos Neurocientíficos en contextos de Marketing y Ventas para construir comunicaciones efectivas, experiencias de compra o consumo. Por ejemplo, mecanismos de la mente al percibir información, procesarla y decidir.
También el uso de las neurotecnologías como herramientas de investigación de mercados para diseño de comunicaciones (desde packaging hasta panorámicos), Usabilidad, y productos. Por ejemplo, el EYE TRACKING y el Electroencefalograma (EEG).

Edgar Sánchez, Neuromarketer & Ph.D. Neurociencias
(Noviembre 17, 2014)


Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s!

In Neurom.ART.keting we give credits to those minds that discover, find, teach us, and share with us their wisdom

Thank you all!

¡Demos al César lo que es del César!

En Neurom.ART.keting damos el crédito a las mentes que descubren, encuentran, nos enseñan y generosamente nos comparten su sabiduría.

¡Gracias a todos ustedes!

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