On Neuromarketing, Cristina de Balanzó the Main Nut of Walnut (II/III)

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This is the second part of the interview “On Neuromarketing”, Cristina de Balanzó the main Nut of Walnut (II/III)


I want to go to the first part of the interview


Edgar Sánchez (ES): Nowadays, we are living in a world where the access to knowledge is bigger than ever in human being’s history. On the other hand, the Neurotechnologies such as eye-tracking, EEG and so many others are getting like prices going down. Like the prices are dropping down. So technologies, as time is going by, are becoming cheaper, at least not that expensive as before. So we have not that expensive access to technology in some cases. So it’s kind of easy to claim that a person is doing Neuromarketing. They have read a couple of books, couple of posts in a blog and they’re claiming they’re doing Neuromarketing, with not necessarily a strong background. The question is: What are the aspects that a good Neuromarketer has to identify it, or to be prepared to become a good Neuromarketer like training, skills…


Cristina de Balanzó (CdB): Yeah, exactly. I think the important thing if the whole speech is summarized into technology, neuroscience is not going to make Marketing any better.


I’m saying this means this not about technology, is how you use this technology to embrace the questions and answers to marketers and help these marketers to bring their brand to another dimension


I don’t think that if this has this technology background, actually if you are not able to read and know about marketing, brands and what is needed and targets and all of these knowledge, technology is not providing you anything, it is just pointless.


Keeping that you need to look forward when you want to go ahead with a project that involves neuroscience, is to get good people with a tech profile, you need to read this data to have good algorithms and good quality of data, and but at the same time you have to be with consultants that have to be able to take this data into something actionable something you can use, otherwise would have been largely criticized about this: so what? What can I do with that, you gonna play up and down, what does it mean from your brand, this is a challenge that we need to face up ardently and I think now we are getting better at this understanding.


I think now that I’ve come to this NSBA or ESOMAR, I think there are big organizations that have been trying to put a little bit or all of these accreditation, process that companies have to go through. I’m gonna leave some of cowboys that have been appearing, and you know, from time to time to leave them apart because they aren’t following any quality standards.


Obviously we to know a lot about research because everything depends on how you design the experiment. And to do that, I have a team of people, very prepared for really design how these. I think you need to know a lot research, basis of research, apart from neuroscience, apart from marketing. That’s why my team has different backgrounds, you know, cognitive neuroscientists, with a person with a degree in psychology, myself with cons background. I have been a consultant for a few years. and this neuroscience is important, this is a mix.


And I think this is holistic, the whole thing, also how you approach the things have to be multidimensional and I think one single metric cannot answer the whole thing.



ES: So, if I understand well, there are warnings, not to necessarily in one person, in a group, like the detective profile people, research people, the neuroscience people and as well people with experience, with expertise in a field, with a brand and product.


CdB: Exactly, as a Neuromarketer, you need to speak your client language and to translate all these scientific parameters into something that can explain the metric, the KPI’s, you need to explain this in a language that makes sense for them, relevant for their brand, that’s why a mix of people is important you now when you are in a project like this.



Third part (out of three), Coming Soon…




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