On Neuromarketing, Cristina de Balanzó the Main Nut of Walnut (III/III)

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This is the third part of the interview “On Neuromarketing”, Cristina de Balanzó the main Nut of Walnut (III/III)


I want to start to read beginning from the first part of the interview


ES:  In management, for last thirty years or so, we have seen fashions like Top Quality Management (TQM), 6-Sigma, Re-engineering…

CdB: Yeah a lot of buzz words.

ES: Yeah a lot of buzz words! The question is: Is Neuromarketing another one? another buzz word? another trendy stuff? or Neuromarketing is here to stay?

CdB: I think it’s here to stay, obviously is here to stay. And I think it will become mainstream and this is something that may be standard currency. Unilever said a few years ago. I think it is here to stay, is stronger, is getting stronger, technology it catching up. It will become mainstream, but we need to keep pursuing what we want, and I think the whole industry must to be aligning into what is needed to succeed. You know, clients are getting on board.  The thing is that is a nice thing to have, it is not that mandatory yet. And these nice things to have, makes that thing not mainstream yet, and it is not a massive number of projects. But we are getting there slowly, but we will make it. I like there are many years we have been working in this industry. For more than seven years, it’s not a hype definitely, I think it is a hope.



ES: In a nutshell, what is the current state of Neuromarketing and what can we expect of the Neuromarketing in the near future?

CdB: I think it there is a subject that we need to better, it is a subject for a whole industry not only neuroscience: It is to be able to integrate all the different sets of data into something meaningful. You know, I’ve heard the other day about a blog, saying that one single method is not going to give you the answer. So how you mix these methodologies and put them together, is a challenge. So for Neuro has to be able to find its place. Where you need to use neuroscience? How to use the others in order to make a meaningful story to your client. I think this is a big challenge for research in general,

S: to find a way to combine them.

CdB: Yeah.

ES: So it’s a thing to expect for the near future, find a way to integrate…. Good,



ES: Cristina, to finish, do you have something you would like to say for the people who is interested in the community of Neuromarketing?

CdB: I think probably is to be brave, you know to experiment, to be open and to give it a try. Because neuroscience can provide probably new answers, but if we are going to use neuroscience to test the same boring stimuli, we are not going to make marketing any better. So I think neuroscience doesn’t give the opportunity to be a little bit more creative, so sometimes test a bunch of things and crazy things, because it is just a way to do it.  Probably just to be brave and give it a try and don’t be scared of the different answers that you can get



ES:  Cristina, thank you very much for sharing your time with us as well as your knowledge .

CdB: Thank you very much,

ES: Good

CdB: All right.





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